Monday, February 29, 2016

I have a talent.  I can turn off my nose.  If there is an unpleasant smell, I just shut off that part of my brain and nose and quit breathing.  Whether a smelly child, a stinky diaper, bad breath, public bathrooms, curdled milk, vomit or body odor, I quit breathing.  Great talent, eh? Well, yes, in those circumstances.  But what about everyday life?

Until recently, I hadn't realized I had been functioning with very shallow breaths.  My breathing had been on the surface and so had my life.

I had the privilege of going to a retreat last week.  I learned how to reconnect my mind with my body through yoga.  I learned how to listen to my body.  I learned how to breathe through pain to relieve my physical pain.  I learned how to recognize the little things.  I learned how to breathe again.  And it is beautiful and glorious!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Night at the Museum! Brock was so interested in finding "Gum-Gum" that he made a bee-line straight for it and never looked back!
Brock took this picture of "Rexy"!! Not bad for a 4-year old.

Big elephant tusks make for a very interesting climbing thing!